Frequently Asked Questions

Can you assist me with my accident insurance claim?

Yes, we can take care of your claim from start to finish.



Can I get a free loan car?

Yes, should you require a loan car whilst your vehicle is being repaired, we will be pleased to supply one of our free loan cars as a complimentary, no cost service to you. For more information, please contact our team at Motorvation to discuss your needs.


Alternatively, if the accident is not your fault, you are entitled to a replacement car at no cost.



If I am in a collision and not at fault, what should I do?

Always collect all the details of the at fault party, including name, address, phone numbers, email, their vehicle details as well as their insurance information etc. if the at fault party is insured, we can assist you to claim the repairs of your vehicle through their insurance policy - avoiding the necessity for you to make a claim. For more information, please contact Motorvation directly on 9761 6429.


If vehicle is drivable, come and see us for an on-the-spot estimate. Your claim can be processed there and then. Otherwise, either "call us", or submit a "free online quote request".



Do I need to get more than one estimate?

Depending on your individual policy, most major insurance companies will fix your car on one quote saving you valuable time. Choose an insurance company who will give you choice of repairer.



Can you match the colour of my car?

With the latest computer technology and high quality paint system, allow us to ensure your vehicle colour is a match.



If I am not at fault, do I have an excess?

To avoid a costly excess when you are not at fault, ensure you have the other third party details.



Who do I pay my insurance excess to?

Excesses payable can be received by us, the repairer, on behalf of your insurance company or payments can be made directly to your insurer. If the excess applies it will need to be paid prior to, or upon collection of your vehicle on the day.



Which payment methods do you accept?

Cheques, direct deposit (48 hr process time) or cash.



Do you have a question not on the list?

Please email us your question and we'll be happy to answer it for you.